I’ve decided this is can be labeled as Rickyl. My word, he was serious. I love him.

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Questionwhat is this picture from? Answer

Hi! My avatar is from the painting “Rest on the Flight into Egypt” by Caravaggio.





This is Yurick, from Last Story anime, requested by ladyraziel. For his making we had some troubles, like the robotic arm and the hair. As you may know, there are so few half ponytails for males. So we had to make a conversion of Coolsims hair 43 from female to male and edit the alpha for a shorter hair, so we take this chance to thank Coolsims guys for their policies. The metal arm was replaced with a black glove. Everything said, please click on the “Read more” tag to additional credits, pictures, TOUs and download link.

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After a two weeks of hard work finally is here, Christie Monteiro, requested by simbolob at Hwoarang post. The hardest part was not her face, but the clothes meshes indeed. I couldn’t find a no shoes pants for woman. That was the way I came to Back Alley Sims (adult site). They had gorgeous body meshes. There I met JulieJ who kindly and fast modified the body that BobbyTH, Chris Hatch and herself have modelled and post a special version of the bottom with feet instead of shoes, specially for us. Thanks for those awesome people at that forum finally Christie came out. You may notice that she is wearing the top of one Tekken version and the bottom of the other, but it was all what I could do with the meshes found.

Please follow the “read more” cut to watch bodyshop images, credits and download link.

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A DOG with a human-like face is looking for a new home after being rescued from a kill shelter.

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Requested by kyoufuwooshieteyarou, here is Hwoarang, from Tekken videogame series. There’s a little bit to say before you click on the cut. Something weird happen when you select the top and the bottom clothes. Nothing I could fix, since they’re not my meshes and I couldn’t find another that really suited to this character’s clothing. All being said, please follow the “Read more” cut to TOUs, captions, credits and download link

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An illustration I did for Instinct Magazine on unfair Adoption cases.

This should have thousands of notes. 

^Seriously though.





She’s a member of AKB48 who was caught coming out of a male idol’s house. At first people thought she’d be forced to move to one of the sister groups or something not as harsh, but she was made to shave her head (she says it was her idea, but i mean c’mon) and then management uploaded a video of her asking for forgiveness and it’s all so ridiculous. She was also demoted to trainee level, after being in the group for 8 years. So if you could go to their YT channel and flag the video as abusive so YT removes it, that’d be great. 

EVERYONE: Please go here and flag this video as abusive content against vulnerable individuals.  We need to get this taken off youtube IMMEDIATELY.  PLEASE.

Jesus fuck!

I heard about the “scandal” yesterday, but never did I imagine that they would do something like this. That video was one of the most upsetting things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Please report it and spread the word about how wrong it is to do something like this to a poor innocent girl who has done no wrong!

we need to help her omg i feel horrible for her jfc 

Oh my gosh, I have no clue who this girl is, but I decided to watch the video and I’m crying with her… This breaks my heart to see….



if you understand what she’s saying
this will kill you
you can hear in her voice


How can they do this to her, seriously.
This poor girl…

This is fucking stupid that they did this to her. It’s her business what she does.

OMG! she is a human has the right to live and fall in love… poor girl!

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cuteee ♥

cuteee ♥

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